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Increase Conversion

FUGU moves customer challenges to post-payment tailoring them to the customer needs / habits to ensure maximum cooperation and minimum churn.


Avoid False Positive

FUGU Delay decision as much as possible, Get to know more about the customer and Find ways to mitigate the risk.


Fight Chargebacks

With a click of button, payment history including all evidence of value delivery are available to challenge a fraudulent dispute.


Reduce Manual Reviews

FUGU is designed to categorize payment per risk scenarios activate sensors that monitor / initiate customer interactions and analyze the signals signals.

Recording Customer BehaviorPredicting Fraud After Payment

RecordingCustomer BehaviorPredicting FraudAfter Payment

FUGU tracks all payments using the ample time available between
the purchase and the actual assumption of risk.
FUGU receives the relevant information and as delivery process advances,
sensors are activated, customer touch-points monitored
and further challenges presented as needed.


Request Demo

Need help in moderating your fear of chargebacks?
want to accept more transactions?
Schedule a demo and we will open up a whole new world
of opportunities post-payment.

Treating different types of fraud with precision

Treating differenttypes of fraud with precision

Because of regulatory constraints, Fraud is now open to
a wider set of scenarios such as friendly fraud (a legit customer denying a transaction for an illegitimate reason) making it impossible to
predict at POS and requiring new technological tools that
continue working with precision after the payment.


Traditional Fraudster

Using hacked data and stolen cards fraudster turn to exploit any vulnerability in the Post Payment to commit fraud.


Friendly / Disappointed

A legit customer working in good faith, turning sour for any given reason; abusing the dispute out of frustration.


Seems like a fraudster

This one may look as a sophisticated fraud, but actually is a "kosher" customer you just turned around


Family member

A family member, authorized or not to using other family member credit card details that may result in a chargeback

A bitAbout us

Before the internet grandpa Moshe, never rejected a customer. Today, online merchants are forced to make binary decisions @ pos Losing life time value of insulted customers.

As a technology pioneers, sons and grandsons of merchants, our passion in FUGU is weaving modern machine learning technologies with time proven business and risk tactics to help online merchants maximize return on their online assets.

New world ofopportunities Post -Payment

New world ofopportunitiesPost -Payment

Control your fear

Need help in moderating your fear of chargebacks?
want to accept more transactions?
contact us and we will open up a whole new world
of opportunities post-payment.


Tel Aviv, Israel


Sales: Sales@fugu-it.com
Support: Support@fugu-it.com

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Building trust between online merchants and their customers.
Fulfilling more transactions, increasing conversion, reducing false, fighting chargebacks.