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Payment failure recovery

FUGU - Payment Failure Recovery

Converting payment failure into revenue!
Ship first – get paid later. FUGU guarantees payment collection within 14-days.

The First Service guaranteeing payment failure recovery

Instant Payment Failure Recovery

Immediately after a cart is abandoned, eligible customers are notified of a deferred payment option.

Payment Collection Guarantee

Once approved for deferred payment, FUGU will manage and assume liability for payment collection within 14 days.

100% white labeled

No additional payment methods, no additional registration. All collection operations are taken care by FUGU under your brand.

Pay ONLY for Success

We only charge when we guarantee the recovery – no subscription fees, no extra commitments.

Easy to Join

Click through installation, out-of-the-box configuration – less than 45 minutes of your time and you’re set.


FUGU - ChargebackGuarantee

Taking ownership of all your payment risk operations with Highest approval rates, chargeback handling, and immediate reimbursement

Multi-Tier fraud protection
with chargeback guarantee

Highest approval rate in the market

FUGU Unique multi-tier approach allows FUGU to validate transactions until shipment, making sure no transaction is declined due to lack of information.

Automatic evidence collection

In case of a chargeback, we fight it. No need for you to provide anything beyond proof of delivery.

All chargebacks are on us

We let you decide what types of transactions you would like to guarantee & fight all chargebacks for you.

Immediate Reimbursement

First we give you the money back, then, if we eventually win, we will adjust.

ROI Guaranteed...Every Payment Counts